Friday, November 14, 2008

A Thousand Cries.

I see the land before my eyes.
Heaven on earth scorched by fires
Its fertile plains,ravaged by wolves
but i only hear,a thousand cries.

The dark expanse is closing by
And the light is fading in the sky
My heart is bleeding from the lies.
Uttered by Kings and spread by spies..
But i only hear a thousand cries.

Blood is raining from the sky
The inferno of chaos closing by.
The stench of flesh is stifling high
Oh ! the dread of what is coming by
But i only hear a thousand cries.

I see the Kings mocking us by
Their illuding lies,their crooked/cursed smiles
I wish i had the wings to fly
I'd go to them and let em see
The rage simmering beneath their feet

With my heart i wish i could comply
This sincerest wish,this heartiest of desires.
But my hands are burned with the fire
And i can only hear a thousand cries

I don my armour,i clutch my spear
With hope in heart,i whisper in your ear.
It is through trials that nations fly.
Into the heights of the limitless skies......

I see death before my eyes...
its tranquil face hiding no lies..
I embrace her with all my heart...
And fly into the heavenly highs..

But Still i can't forget the lies..
Because still i hear a thousand cries
I only hear
a thousand cries...

1 comment:

Calm Cool said...

only v can hear these thousand cries, the people only...
nor the rulers neither the king.

as i can sense u r talking abt our country's current scenario & it is horrible :$
it seems like evryone is playing a game... "Jitna kha aur loot sakte ho kar lo" thats the motto of our kings dese days. & no wonder the person who is ruling us repeating his past habits wid the power now.
Mr. 10% availing the opportunity wid full zeal n zest.

Democracy is the best revenge... i wonder from whom they r taking THAT revenge!

nice post btw, welcome back to blogging.